Pendulum: Fear and Greed

As humans, we sometimes make financial decisions based on two powerful emotions: fear and greed. These work as a pendulum swinging back and forth from one end to the other depending on our circumstances and priorities. Both of these emotions can lead us to decisions we will likely regret.

In Matthew 24 Jesus is talking to His disciples about the end times and the picture is not pretty! This chapter is all in preparation to instruct His followers on the importance of being ready for these days and what a faithful steward will look like even in the darkest of times. This is illustrated within the same “sermon” to His disciples in Matthew 25 with the parable of the talents. Being a faithful and ready steward means NOT making decisions based on fear but rather on using all that God has given us to its maximum potential for increase. However, we need to be careful the increase does not lead us to a place of greed, envy, or want which are at the other end of the pendulum.

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 speaks about increase for the owner’s benefit. When the owner returns the steward will give an account for how they managed resources based on their abilities. If decisions are made based on fear or greed, the steward will be punished and has to give back all the resources to the owner.  If, however, decisions are based on what the owner desires, the rewards are indescribable… “Come share in the Master’s happiness”!

I would encourage you to go back and read both Matthew 24 and 25 in one setting as this was Jesus’ teaching to His disciples just a few days prior to heading to the cross on Calvary. Jesus wants his stewards to be faithful and that means to use all of what HE has given us in a way that would benefit Him.  We’re not worry about the future or be too concerned about what we want. Be on your guard as fear and greed can easily sneak in and prevent you from sharing in the Master’s happiness!

-Ron Bare