Beyond The Ordinary

Financial guidance anchored in Biblical wisdom, grounded by a stewardship mindset, and focused on the impact you want to make on the world.

For over 20 years, our team of trusted experts have provided a tailored, relevant approach that begins with defining your values and purpose, then moves into managing your finances with clarity and intentionality. 

At Bare Wealth Advisors, we believe in extravagant generosity, the kind of giving that shifts the culture for good. In order to get there, we direct and manage your finances, providing clear vision, godly direction, and integrated support. Then we take it a step further. We help capture your story and preserve it for future generations. With an eye toward passing   along wisdom gained through experience, as well as financial resources, we invite intergenerational connection and foster relationships based on solid stewardship principles.

Our Guiding Principles

Explore your purpose, be empowered, and make a difference


The needs of those we serve come first. We look for ways to connect to you personally, fostering an authentic partnership.


We explore your priorities through listening, asking questions, and discerning. We equip you to make decisions that adhere to your values. We affirm and encourage you as you take active steps toward advancing the work of God’s Kingdom.


We deliberately encourage faithfully tending your resources in a way that brings clarity, embraces stewardship, and leans into extravagant generosity. We know your finances can make a difference in the world.


We are partners working alongside you. We don’t just provide a service, we engage with you to design a life that aligns with God’s greater purposes.


We go above and beyond to serve you well by staying current, cultivating our expertise, and operating with integrity.

Meet Our Team

Ron Bare Photo

Ron Bare, CFP® BFA CKA®

Partner and Wealth Advisor

Curtis Burkholder, BFA CKA® CAP®

Partner and Wealth Advisor

Ryan Kurtz, CKA®

Wealth Advisor

Lamar King, CAP®

Director of Relationship Development and Wealth Advisor

Jim Wahlberg, CKA®

Insurance and Wealth Advisor

Alex Costa, CKA®

Wealth Advisor

Adam Black, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Faith Bare

Client Service Associate

David Denlinger

Stewardship Planning Associate

Tina Bare

Marketing Director

Heather Waryga

Stewardship Planning Associate

Amy Lapp

Administrative Assistant

Elise Parker

Stewardship Planning Associate

Tina Petersheim

Director of Operations

Ethan Bell

Stewardship Planning Associate

Lindsay Johnson

Client Service Associate

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