Medicare Insurance

Medicare insurance is a topic where a fence analogy works well.  You may be on the side of the fence saying “I’m too young to be thinking about Medicare”.  If that’s the case and you don’t read further, feel free to forward this to someone who may benefit.  You could also be on this same side of fence saying “I’m not ready to admit to turning 65 and all of this insurance stuff is overwhelming”.  That response is understandable.  Age 65 is a milestone birthday and the amount of mail that you receive reminding you of that can be daunting!

The other side of the fence has all the “seasoned” Medicare beneficiaries.  You may have been on Medicare for a few years now and while you continue getting all of the marketing information each October during the Annual Enrollment Period, overall you’re satisfied with your insurance plan.  Maybe, more accurate, is you just don’t want to think about changing your plan.

Finally, we have the middle of the fence sitters.  If you’re one of these individuals you may have resigned to the fact that you are now Medicare eligible.  You have read bits and pieces of the marketing information; you’ve talked to a few friends about their insurance plan; maybe you even attended an insurance company meeting discussing those plan details.  At this point, you’re looking back and forth wishing you didn’t have to make a decision or that the decision was already made.

Regardless of where you are sitting, feel free to give us a call to discuss this part of your insurance plan.  We can help make this process clearer so you can enjoy the green pastures of Spring weather and peace of mind!

-Jim Wahlberg