15 Year Anniversary

by Ron Bare

May 12th of 2001 – 15 years this past May, I was led by God to take a step of faith and follow a calling of which I only knew the next step. That next step was to leave a large financial services organization and start a new company, then known as Bare Financial Services. Although I always knew I wanted to be part of an independent company, this transition would require leaving behind a strong start to a career and for the most part would be a new beginning. My wife was expecting our second child and as you would expect the importance of providing for my growing family caused me to consider the risk in such a step.

Now looking back these past years, I am amazed to see how God has worked to help me build a trusted team of advisors and staff to serve a growing and wonderful community through what is now known as Bare Wealth Advisors. Our mission “To help our clients intentionally align wealth with their God-given purpose” was not the initial vision behind the new company – however, over time this is clearly the calling that God wanted to show me in taking that first step back in 2001.

One thing I have seen and learned often over these past 15 years is that when Biblical truth is the basis for financial decision making, you are building upon a firm foundation. This foundation is essential when life brings us things we don’t always see coming. Whether this be a sudden economic downturn (2008), unexpected job loss, or even a financial windfall, one thing that has emerged is that a financial plan built upon Biblical truth is unshakeable.  It can help us navigate through both good and difficult times. Sometimes we need to go through hard times so we are more prepared to handle abundant times more faithfully.

According to God’s word, wealth is a tool that God provides. In 1 Timothy, God tells us to be careful to not trust in wealth which is unreliable, but put our trust in God who is completely trustworthy. We should be generous and ready to share with those in need – while finding balance to provide for our families and enjoy the blessings God has given us. Wow, did you get this!   – if we put our trust in God and focus on others who are in need, we are more free to enjoy what God has given us! Perhaps this is the secret Paul talks about in Philippians when he talks about learning to be content.

From my experience, many of us either spend too much time worrying about what could happen or feel guilty for having more than we need.  What we should be doing is being focused on growing our trust in God and being ready to share with others. This takes the focus off ourselves and frees us to truly live the abundant life Jesus mentioned in John 10:10.

Working alongside each of our clients and learning and applying these principles is what makes it a true honor to serve this community over the past 15 years.   It is my hope we will be able to continue to serve the community for many, many more years to come! Thank you so much for your trust in Bare Wealth Advisors and we will continue to work hard for you the next 15 as well. We care about you, as well as the money entrusted to you, and our team looks forward to speaking with you soon!